Hall of Flowers Season 3

Cannabis legalization in California was just under 2 years ago, yet the market is new, thriving, and creative in every sense. Hall of Flowers brings licensed cannabis brands and companies to the forefront, to cultivate an outstanding tradesheow, a first of its kind.

The third edition of Hall of Flowers took place at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds from September 19th to the 20th, where countless companies had the opportunity to showcase their products to buyers and investors. Attendees had the chance to gain insight on any particular brand and indulge in product outside while enjoying the beautiful Northern California weather.

The atmosphere was set upon arrival. As soon as you walked in, the luscious lawns caught your eye and the bright Hall of Flowers sign meant “you’ve made it.” Three auditoriums awaited discovery, filled with brands from concentrates, flowers, vapes, to edibles, topicals, sublinguals, and more.

Each display was unique and representative to each brand. Every detail was curated for pure attraction and tastefully done. When attending a convention or trade-show, the brand wants to reel people in. Hall of Flowers had an inviting feel to it, and it was created more like a gathering rather than a trade-show.

An ongoing trend nowadays for the structure of dispensaries is an open floor-plan which allows consumers to shop around and look at products for themselves. Brands in Exhibit A used this open space idea for Canndescent, Dosist, Gen!us, Lowell, Mary’s Medicinal, and Ember Valley which almost modeled storefronts.

The “white market” of cannabis is growing every day. If you don’t work in the cannabis industry or are an avid cannabis smoker, it’s very hard to keep up with what’s new. From vape devices to new extraction methods, the brands and companies are as versatile as the plant itself! Hall of Flowers gives buyers and people in cannabis the ability to acknowledge which brands are putting themselves out there and which values match theirs.

One of the many great parts of the trade-show was the cannabis consumption! You could light up your newly purchased product and enjoy it on the lawn under the shady trees where beanbags, chairs, and tables were accommodated for maximum comfort.

Some of our favorite companies at Hall of Flowers were CRU, Raw Garden, and Canndescent. CRU surprised us with how many strains they featured! From a kushy indica like Mochi, to a sweet and euphoric sativa like Pineapple Jack, that was just two of the ones we wanted! Their setup was colorful, bright, and ecstatic, reflecting their brand. Raw Garden’s live resin is impeccable and we got to try a new strain in cartridge form. Canndescent had our favorite strains, Charge and Connect, with Connect containing a THC percentage of 29%!

CRU had us covered from countless strains in eighths and joints!

Attendees on the second day could purchase a ticket to have a fine dining experience hosted by PANTRY, a cannabis-infused food brand developed by award-winning chefs. The cafeteria seated over 30 people and served an exquisite meal. Inside you had the opportunity to purchase their cannabis-infused desert delicacies, made with the finest cannabis oil.

Hall of Flowers is the best place for networking, business moves, and knowledge. Speakers from growers, to chefs, to avid cannabis enthusiasts spoke all weekend long. The cannabis community must merge with the cannabis industry to be successful. This is the event that makes that happen.

Dompen introduced new strain specific 510 thread vape cartridges.

We are changing the way people think of cannabis. Whether you’re a cannabis business person, budtender, distribution company, investor, enthusiast, buyer, or journalist, Hall of Flowers caters to every person attending.

See you all in Palm Springs April 2020 for Season 4! Find out more here.

Photos by Nicole Kohen