Understated Recordings presents: All of U|S VOL 001

From the locals of the underground, Understated Recordings has finally debuted their long awaited album “All of U|S Vol 001,” that is the definition of the music community. LA’s underground scene is nothing short of amazing and if you’ve had the chance to attend one of the parties that take hold of techno, house, and anything dance, you know what we are talking about. Understated has been throwing parties for over two years, and now after those two years in the making, the compilation is finally out for the world to hear! Understated Recordings brings community and music together, bringing talent from all over LA and more, to your speakers.

Those 5am vibes, after party hours, dance floor grooves, and nightlife anthems are only a few descriptions of what you’ll find on the album. Every single artist shows off their unique sound including Michael Fam from The 900 Block, another LA based party, LA resident LA Riots, Anakim, Modus, and much much more. There’s nothing like getting to know the music that comes from your city. Those not from LA, get a little taste 😉

Take a listen and transport yourself back to those late nights that became early mornings! Remember, this is only the beginning, the first volume of many.

Our debut compilation has essentially been two years in the making, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Each of these tracks and artists fully represent the DNA of Understated and the sound of our parties: deep, groovy, soulful, high-energy, moody, hard, fun, and sometimes dark.

We’re absolutely honored (and still pinching ourselves) to have included tracks from LA Riots, Tittsworth and Dave Nada, who have all had an enormous influence on our tastes as young electronic music fans. After throwing a few events with her, we’re also thrilled to have intheloop label boss, Lupe Fuentes, join the family. Anakim, Modus, Grensta, and 28mmall make superb returns to the label, each providing their own techno-infused thumpers. Orange County house-heads Thomas Garcia, DJ Nonfiction, Roy Wilkins, and Missy B come together for the super-collab that is ‘Unlock the House’. Label newcomers Joluca, WhereIsFenix, Loknkeyofficial, Michael Fam, and UcrosMusic also bring stellar selections and will certainly be back with U|S soon.

– U|S

Download the album on Beatport HERE!