The Perfect Trifecta: The Yoga Nectar

Photo by Ben Lin (@lifeafterdusk)

Cannabis, music, and yoga, the perfect combination for bliss. This trifecta has been perfected by Yoga teacher Andrea Restivo and DJ Cole Knight as The Yoga Nectar, “elevated movement adventures to create mindfulness within the body.” When we say they know what they are doing, we mean that. Imagine a room full of friendly people, a sensational atmosphere, mother earth’s cannabis, and moving music. That is the space they have created.

The last event was sensory overload, in the best way possible. Located at Creatington, an aesthetically fun warehouse in Downtown LA, Andrea and Cole took everyone on a journey within themselves. Yoga is already a collective of consciousness, yet with cannabis added, the consciousness is brought closer, a community as one. The music is also a key factor at this event as Cole mixes an ambient yet exilirating set that compliments every movement that Andrea guides us through. Joints were passed in a huge circle as we all inhaled greatness and exhaled relaxation. When using cannabis in yoga, the mind becomes so in tune with the body, it gives us the chance to reflect, give us insight, and believe that anything is possible.

Photo by Ben Lin (@lifeafterdusk)

The cannabis didn’t stop there! Before the yoga session, cannabis brand NUG, had a booth where you could try their new medicated popsicles, “NUG Pops” that were 1:1 ratio containing 10mg of THC and 10mg of CBD! These pops are nano emulsified distillate which allows it to be activated in 10 minutes or less! That definitely got people in the mood, and for those not ready to have an edible, non-medicated were served as well to get a feel for the taste!

Kaylafineart.com / @kaylafineart

The space made was inclusive, eye-opening, and magical. Two artists displayed their work, including Kayla Fine Art who had augmented reality pieces, where you would download an app, put your camera over her artwork, and it would move. It was absolutely incredible. Another artist, Alyssa Morang-Pavlock had her artwork on display as she finished up a new piece live. Everyone had the chance to discover new art, jewelry, herb medicine and cannabis.

Photo by Ben Lin (@lifeafterdusk)

We can’t forget the dance party! Before and after yoga, Phat Jordan played the dance music we all needed to hear to set the mood. The whole session had our bodies moving but there was a point in the night where everyone just danced their problems away. Nothing mattered except for the energy in that room.

Don’t miss the next Yoga Nectar that’s taking place on November 9th! This will be the fifth installment and the last of 2019! Grab tickets here and bring your best self!

P.S. You get a sweet goodie bag with your purchase of a ticket!