GLAZED with Mike Glazer

Comedy and cannabis go hand in hand and Emmy nominated comedian and podcast host for Weed and Grub, Mike Glazer is changing the comedy show game by knowing this fact.

I was at Hall of Flowers in Santa Rosa last month and decided to go up to Mike in his social environment, to ask him why he looked so familiar. He gave me his card and I looked him up, happily surprised that he had an upcoming comedy show at The Hollywood Improv. I decided to buy a ticket, not knowing what the hell I was in for!

When I walked up to the venue, I knew this would be a totally different kind of comedy show. A man was walking a tight rope in a funky rainbow one piece, as people took pictures and waited in line. As we got closer to the door we had to put our phones in secure bags that were locked, to keep the show a secret from social media!

Inside, a live band was playing groovy beats, insanely beautiful art portraits of Nipsey Hussle by artist Jason Lee, were displayed on stage, and the crowd was eager. The whole night, Jason drew cartoon sketches of each performer, giving the audience members a fun thing to look at. The first surprise was Mike introducing the voice actors of Pinky and the Brain, a childhood dream come true. It didn’t even stop there, he even brought out the creator of the show, Tom Ruegger, who had a live sketch for the voice actors, Rob Paulsen who is Pinky, and Maurice LaMarche who is The Brain. That in and of itself was fantastic and nostalgia driven.

The next comedian to enter the night was Mike’s good friend and comedian, and full blown proud lesbian, Rachel Scanlon. Her act was that of which we related to her lifestyle in the funniest way possible. I laughed until my stomach hurt because it was mainly about boobs, and women can relate to boobs.

The next performer to enter the stage was James Mastraieni who explained that he was too fucking high. He was hitting a vape pen the whole act and all I could wonder was what brand and strain he was smoking! His act reminded me of that website, highdeas.com where people would talk about random things they thought about when they are high. His highdeas made you really think, and laugh of course, whether it was out loud, or internally.

Chris Wonder from the show “Baskets,” got on stage with all his wacky props including signs that said “FUCK.” He was a drunk magician clown that blew confetti out of his ass, drank a beer every chance he got, and had a raunchy hysterical act. You don’t see a drunk clown magician with a real Hen everyday.

Brandon Brickz came in hot on stage comparing the gathering to a Bar Mitzvah, very similar with the confetti, clown performer, artist and Jews. He was one of the High Guys from Buzzfeed and he kept it real by joking about himself and his life.

Another woman came on stage by the name of Avital, a nice jewish girl who talked about bisexuality, being Jewish, being awkward, and every funny and sexual thing in between. Let’s just say I resonated a lot with her.

Last but definitely not least was Barron Vaughn, a comedian and actor that really set the tone of the night with his comedy. The most important topic of his act was about mattresses. The debate about mattresses is a bigger issue than you’d think and he explained his time reading about it on reddit. A catastrophic issue.

Harry Mack, a Jewish freestyle rapper ended the night on a high note, get it, HIGH note. His freestyle was all off the top of his head, describing the whole audience, words just flowing off his tongue. He will be touring with J.Cole, and I can see why, he’s a very talented fella.

Thank you to Mike Glazer and all the comedians that made the show amazing, and a special thanks to Cut & Dry cannabis who handed out joints at the end of the night and raffled off a goodie bag that, who better than, Abdul Saeed of Bong Appetit won! We also can’t forget Dunkin Donuts for helping us get Glazed as well.

Don’t miss Mike Glazer’s next GLAZED comedy shows at The Hollywood Improv! Show dates and tickets HERE!

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